Placement to permanent!

Jonathan (“Jonno”) completed a yearlong Industrial Placement with us 2012/3 before returning to university to complete his Masters in Electronics. He has now returned to ITL as a permanent member of staff joining the UK Development Team.

I initially came to ITL on a twelve month Industrial Placement back in September 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed my year at work. At the end of my placement I was lucky enough to gain sponsorship for the final year of my degree and an offer to re-join ITL as a Graduate Electronics Engineer at the end of my degree in June 2014, so here I am.

Having officially finished my Masters on Thursday 5th June I re-joined ITL four days later on Monday 9th. Not much of a break but I was eager to get straight to work, ready for the challenge ahead. ITL has changed quite a bit over the last year with a new office building almost complete and a lot less free car parking spaces due to the number of new staff.

I have been back at ITL for a month now, getting stuck into a number of different projects, more software based than the work that I did previously during my Industrial Placement. Despite gaining a qualification in electronics the course had some fairly major elements of software which is ultimately why I chose it so I’m happy to be able to utilise these skills on more software based projects in the real world.

My last year at University was based around a group project undertaken with seven other students. We were asked to build an autonomous moving robot for Sellafield, which was great fun, but because we were trying to gain an award for the project it was quite a difficult task and took up a lot of my time. At the height of the project I was working from seven in the morning until nine or ten in the evening (which for somebody at University is tough – especially the early starts!). As well as the project, I had to complete several modules during my last year, including a business module ‘advanced tools for enterprise’ which on paper was not something I thought I would enjoy but I was pleasantly surprised, I now have a much better appreciation of the business side of Industry. Later this summer I will get the results of my final year as well as finding out whether my group managed to receive an award for our project work, fingers crossed all the hard work pays off.

I’m really glad to be back at work at ITL. There are a lot of old faces but quite a number of new ones too. The company is expanding very fast which is great news for me at the very start of my career. Those I knew before have welcomed me back warmly and the new faces have greeted me straight away as a fellow engineer. It already feels like I’ve never been away!

Jonathan Nadin, Graduate Electronics Engineer 22/07/14

jonathan nadin